Are COVID Surveys enough? Don't be designated as an outbreak site.

A positive test IS going to happen. You SHOULDN’T have to shutter your facility as a result.

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Inspire Confidence and Avoid a Shutdown

Take Control

Capture all people interactions on your site while protecting and respecting worker and visitor privacy. Wearable beacons put you in control of capturing this valuable information - and keep two weeks of history. Ensure your COVID response plan WORKS.

Reduce Absenteeism

If your staff has confidence in how you're handling COVID protections, and that you have a process in place to deal with potential outbreaks, they WILL show up for work.


Stay Open

Connect any symptomatic people by performing an instant Contact Trace. Show public health contact tracers the chain of transmission, or that positive cases are not connected and AVOID a shutdown due to untraceable outbreak.

Protecting your staff has required drastic measures AND you feel powerless to prevent an outbreak designation for your site.

  • steps10,000,000+ unique visits captured by PeopleFlow
  • stepsStaff and Visitor privacy is designed into PeopleFlow
  • stepsDeployed in events, retail, construction, and hospitals
  • stepsWearables ensure privacy and reliability


1. Monitor Sites

Deploy Sensors to upload interaction data. Assign PeopleFlow Tags to employees or visitors. PeopleFlow Tags have social-distance queues such as lights and/or vibration.Capture Staff Interactions when PeopleFlow Tags come into close proximity. Data captured includes the unique identifier, distance, and duration of contact.

2. Run Contact Trace Scenario

Select the PeopleFlow Tag ID of a symptomatic person and time period of interest. Visualize the Contact Graph, showing primary (direct) and secondary (indirect) contacts, organized by risk. Reveal or Notify Contacts for authorized users to identify the individual assigned the PeopleFlow Tag and send a message.


3. Initiate COVID Response

Interview Affected Staff to ensure they were wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and potentially have them quarantine. Disinfect Areas where symptomatic people congregated or traversed to lessen the likelihood of an outbreak.


You have taken drastic measures to keep your facilities open and operating. With PeopleFlow Contact Trace, we can ensure that your facility is not designated by public health as an outbreak site.

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At Spatial DNA we know that you want to keep your staff SAFE and your facilities OPEN.  In order to do that, you need to ensure that any COVID-19 cases are rapidly contact traced.  The problem is that you’ve captured any contact trace data in paper or digital forms – which is difficult to piece together and makes the task hopeless.  We believe that you SHOULDN’T have to shutter your facility WHEN a positive test happens, which is why we’ve built a solution to quickly and accurately build the social graph of all interactions for symptomatic persons.

Here’s how we do it: 1. Monitor Sites 2. Run Contact Trace Scenarios 3. Initiate your COVID Response. So, Book a Meeting.  And in the meantime, submit a staff count and floor plan for an estimate to give you piece-of-mind.  So you can stop worrying about the COVID news and instead provide your staff with the confidence that they are safe.


PeopleFlow Contact Trace costs are primarily driven by the number of staff at your facility.  There are incremental costs for installing data collectors at strategic points in your facility to offload the interaction information from PeopleFlow Tags that employees will wear while on your site.  A floorplan will allow us to estimate the infrastructure costs at your facility – we are primarily looking for the number of entry/egress points, common areas, and other spaces where people pass through on a regular basis.

We find that clients aren’t comfortable talking about technology until they have a sense of their end costs.  An estimate can give you some comfort before speaking to sales about your needs.