How to integrate your systems

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This talk will outline what systems integration is and the various models for integrating your applications.

One of the questions that is most commonly asked by our customers and partners is, “How do we connect [System A] with [System B]?"

Regardless of which applications you are using, application integration is the automation of manual processes that pass data between applications, departments, and organizations. The challenging part of this process is defining the human interactions with the information that is exchanged.

To most organizations, connecting two systems is perceived as a solved problem that is simple to implement with little monetary value associated. However, the success of many projects is dependent upon an integrated system of systems.

Integrations (or lack thereof) often reduce both financial and organizational risk that is not captured in the business case for systems acquisitions.


Your host, Todd Lewis, has been active in the GIS technology space for 25 years, and is a recognized expert in application and data integration.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How to integrate your systems
The challenge with implementing new software
Benefits of integrating your systems
The integration process
Selecting an implementation pattern

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