Location Powered Integration

You've got stove-pipe solutions? No unified view of your customer | asset | employee? Leverage our location-powered integration platform to connect the dots to build your rocket.

Location Powered Insights

Where are all the people | assets? Leverage our Location Powered Insights platform, PeopleFlow + a range of sensor types, to understand the flow of customers through your venue, or assets on the shop floor.

DevOps for Location Powered Enterprises

Learn how to leverage lean manufacturing concepts to improve throughput and flow, and automate the test and deployment of your location powered solutions.

What is Spatial Data?

Get in-depth business intelligence and gain a significant advantage over your competition.

Spatial data, aka location intelligence, is data that is linked to a geographic location.  Up to 80% of business information contains inferred location – address, sales territories, supply chain and distribution networks, floor plans and planograms, manufacturing assembly lines and lean systems, physical and virtual assets, and demographic and psychographic data.  It’s about knowing where people or things are and how they relate to one another.  Location intelligence is critical for modern businesses to engage with their customers, for government to improve services to their constituents, and for business leaders to make timely, data-based decisions to successfully grow their companies.

With the consumerization of maps and GPS, location-enabled applications are in-demand.  Spatial data can amplify your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, boost social marketing efforts, and visualize, analyze, and map historic and predictive data to future-proof your company’s services and strategic plans, and turbocharge your business intelligence (BI) platform.


Technology Risks and Opportunities: from the CIO


We can give your team the complete picture of your operations, leveraging real-time location and spatial analysis in interactive dashboards so you can make truly informed decisions

Mobile Computing

Empower your field and on-the-floor workers with mobile location-based data collection, workflows, and dashboards, connected or disconnected, leveraging indoor and outside positioning


Leverage your GIS as an enterprise platform that integrates with enterprise security.  We will secure your system, implement location opt-in, and protect private and personal information

We Are Spatial DNA

The Spatial DNA team are Canada’s spatial data integration experts.  We help companies across North America reap accurate, in-depth business intelligence to gain significant advantage over their competitors.  our solutions can help your team determine the right geographic location to open a new store or facility, help airplanes land safely, use consumers’ mobile device data to help you engage more effectively with your customers, enable location-aware buildings and interior spaces, or create internal efficiencies across the enterprise by visualizing and mapping your data in tandem with your existing CRM, BI, and other enterprise software platforms.


“Working with Spatial DNA was both enjoyable and productive. They easily helped refine our requirements to focus on key areas and recommended future direction beyond the scope of our project. Their quick turn around and subject matter expertise helped us have a product quicker than I thought possible.”

— Tyler Mitchell Engineering Director, Actian Corporation

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FME User Conference

Spatial DNA will be at this year's FME User Conference. Neil Hellas, our Enterprise Solutions Architect, will be giving a talk on using FME as an ESB.