Empower your people to do their best work

When your staff is bogged down with mundane data work, they’re not working effectively. People are creative problem-solvers with untapped potential. Interruptions can hijack their day, leaving them unfulfilled and frustrated.

We automate your work and manage your integrations so that your people can focus on being creative, solving problems, and serving your community. When people are in flow, they feel a sense of purpose and are empowered to make better decisions.

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Automate your work with pre-built integrations

Making decisions is often complex, involves many people, and requires confidence in your data to justify decisions. We manage the integration for you to ensure that your data is at your fingertips to guide your decisions.

When you realise that your data needs to move across systems, you might worry that you’re opening a can of worms. Our integrations are pre-built automations, so most of that work is already done. They can be customised to your unique challenges, but you’re not starting from a blank page.


We manage your integrations so you don't have to

Your IT department has enough to do without constantly monitoring the data flow and health of your integrations. Our goal is to fix any data problem before you even notice there was a problem at all.

Your system configurations are constantly changing – when we adapt your integrations to those changes, your data is current and consistent.

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Systems Analysis

Get your integrations running quickly and smoothly

An automation is the data exchange component of a business process. We have identified 20 standard data exchanges across the majority of your systems. These can be tailored to fit your organisation’s unique needs.


Simplify your integrations

As your organisation changes, you’ll be adding, removing, and replacing applications based on your organisation’s current needs. Your integrations need to evolve.

The Common Message Model removes any dependency your data has to any particular system. As a result, you can upgrade or replace an application without breaking your integration.

Enrich your data from other sources and add extra intelligence that is not available in your application.

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Optimise your work and deliveries by associating your data with location

You need to track the location of your assets, customers, and equipment within your facilities and infrastructure. Your systems need to understand where, and relate this data to maps.


What our customers say

“The combination of Spatial DNA's expertise in GIS and enterprise integration adds tremendous value to the solutions Deloitte is able to offer our customers. We trust them to bring valuable knowledge, sensitivity to end-user needs, and integration skills to the table; and they deliver every time.”

“When we got into the development process we knew what was possible, but not how to get there... Spatial DNA was tremendous in helping us build what I think was really the poster child of this type of implementation.”

“Airmarket's longstanding partnership with Spatial DNA has been key to the success of our operations during a crucial time in our industry, helping to establish accurate and "fit for purpose" airspace data required for the drone industry.”