We Are Spatial DNA

The innovative spatial data and integration experts

Spatial DNA is a technology company specializing in systems engineering and integration of spatial or location-based information with enterprise platforms including customer relationship management, physical asset and work management, business intelligence, and database platforms.We are experts in the design, architecture, development, and integration of location-based data into enterprise information systems in a diverse range of industries including aviation, wholesale and retail, travel and hospitality, and government services.

We are Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

The Spatial DNA team thrives on solving our clients’ complex technology and data-related challenges.  We align with your team/s strategic goals to ensure your success, and provide elegant, innovative, proactive solutions to the most confounding dilemmas.  Our team, and our services and solutions, location-enable your company’s core infrastructures and buildings to improve user and customer experiences, and elicit and visualize actionable information from your data.  We strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients that creates long-lasting value.

Extensive and Strategic Partnerships

We have formal partnerships with many global geospatial software and geodatabase industry leaders and we work closely with several leading enterprise data and consulting companies on a by-project basis.

Our partnerships also support complementary equipment providers supporting our indoor positioning and traffic counting technologies, as well as complementary location-based services that leverage indoor positioning.

Strong Code of Ethics and Standards

Spatial DNA believes firmly in dealing in good faith with all of our partners and clients, in preserving confidentiality, and operating within compliance of all applicable laws and regulations.  And we stick to our commitments – we will deliver to your expectations.  Every member of our team shares in the responsibility of promoting and ensuring a positive work environment and a commitment to transparent work practices.

Diverse, Experience Team of Professionals

Our people are Spatial DNA’s greatest asset and differentiator.  Our team of tech-savvy, experienced geospatial software developers, solutions architects, and analysts are experts working with a wide range of enterprise software platforms including customer relationship management, business intelligence, physical and virtual asset management, and CAD and GIS.

Todd Lewis

President and CEO

Todd Lewis is a geomatics expert.  Since 1996, he has assisted businesses and governments with the application of location-based data and systems to help solve complex problems in marketing, mergers and acquisitions, transportation, logistics, the visual mapping of assets, and how they integrate with enterprise information systems and databases.

His professional experience in the public and private sectors includes managing a wide range of projects centered on data structure and development, web application design, requirements analysis, and customer relationship management.

Todd holds a BSc in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary and international trade and finance professional certifications from Carleton University in Ottawa.  He is an active member with the Entrepreneur Organization – a group dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and growing the entrepreneurial spirit globally.

Neil Hellas, P.Eng.

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Neil Hellas is Spatial DNA’s head Enterprise Solutions Architect.  He has more than 20 years’ experience working closely with clients to design and implement GIS-based processes, standards, and solutions for small- to large-sized companies in several industries including transportation, technology, environment, energy, and finance.

He is a consummate professional who specializes in spatial analysis and modeling, data dimensional modeling, software engineering, and project management.

Neil holds a MSc in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, and a BSc. in Engineering Science, Electrical, from the University of Toronto.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with a number of industry-leading companies across the geospatial industry, including:


An international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software and geodatabase management applications. Spatial DNA leverages Esri's technology as embedded services for heavy location analytics applications, and for cloud-based demographic and psychographic data fusion.

Safe Software

Providers of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) software for over 450 spatial and non-spatial data formats, including web services and messaging. Spatial DNA leverages Safe Software's FME Server technology to allow for customized geo-processing and integration of complex formats such as GIS, CAD, satellite imagery, and custom formats during system-to-system data movement or fusion of data with location. Learn More


Voyager is an all-in-one geospatial intelligent search platform design for mid-sized to large enterprises. It discovers complex geospatial data wherever it resides. Voyager finds spatial data and related content such as Esri, Intergraph, and CAD data files, and over 1700 document, image, and file formats across the enterprise, and it layers how your infrastructure is used to support spatial data visually. Spatial DNA is an official Voyager partner and reseller.


Salesforce.com provides cloud-based customer relationship management software for sales, marketing, service, and integrated organization-wide workflows. Spatial DNA is an official Salesforce.com partner and independent solution vendor.

We also work closely with a number of other industry leaders on a by-project basis, including:


Mulesoft provides an integration platform for connecting Software-as-a-Service and enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premise. Spatial DNA leverages their API-connectivity framework and builds custom extensions supporting spatial technologies from Esri, Google, and Safe Software.


AutoDesk provides 3D design and engineering software for the building and infrastructure design and management industry. Spatial DNA leverages AutoDesk mapping products and formats for integrating building floor plans, building information models, and infrastructure models into GIS and visualization environments.


Intergraph provides engineering and geospatial software for the power distribution and oil industries. Spatial DNA leverages Intergraph image analysis solutions and data formats in data integration projects considering CAD, GIS, and operational systems.


Tableau provides interactive, real-time answers about your business with visual analysis of your data. Spatial DNA leverages Tableau to provide mapping dashboards that integrate geographic and location-based information with other business information to display as combined map and graphics visualizations.


Layer your company's data atop of Google Maps and Google Earth to visualize and discover information in the world's most-used geospatial data explorer.


Boundless provides an integrated suite of open source geospatial software technologies. Spatial DNA leverages the Boundless GeoServer (map server), OpenLayers (web map client), and PostGIS (geospatial database) in several client projects.


Exceptional talent is difficult to find. We are constantly searching creative and experienced GIS solution architects, developers, and technical sales staff who want to experience working for a vibrant, growing company that helps to solve real-world business problems.  If this is you, we’d love to hear from you.

We have listed the available jobs below. If these are not a match for your skills, please submit your resume by selecting the Submit Resume button and completing your details.