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We've helped solve some of the toughest data problems in aviation

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Indoor mapping and wayfinding with Apple Maps

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Customer, business intelligence, and financial data can be challenging. But what happens when you mix in graphical data such as computer-aided design, geography, 3D simulation, and satellite imagery? With Safe Software's FME Integration Platform and our integration patterns, connecting your systems and moving data is fun and easy.

Simplify your Work

Much of your day to day work requires repetition. Enter data in system A, generate a report in system B, and build a dashboard in system C. Human intelligence is not good at repetition - it is mundane and boring. Our automation workflows relieve you of these mundane tasks, enabling you to focus on the work that brings you joy.

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You will no longer hunt for the data you need. Up-to-date and validated data will be automatically available in your favorite apps. Increase data sharing across your business. And find out what new problems you will solve!

We understand how overwhelming it is to keep your business moving and your data flowing.

  • FME Integration Platform implementations at cities across North America
  • ARINC 424 Connector for FME frees data from the aircraft flight deck
  • ThinkMaps for Salesforce embeds maps into workflows
  • PeopleFlow analyzes the movements & interactions of people & things indoors
  • Staff members each have 20+ years of experience
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Richmond Hill
York Region
Durham Region
Township of Langley
City of London
Nav Canada
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GM Blue Plan

Our Proven Process

Design your Solution

We design a holistic solution that respects your current tech and staff skills.

Connect your Systems

We configure and test your designed workflow automations.

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Empower your Staff

We coach your staff on how to manage and adapt your no-code solution.

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For Aviators

"7 Ways Sharing Flight Data for Drones & Aircraft Makes our Skies Safe"

The Digital Sky is a busy place and getting busier. Unleash air navigation data in your apps and maps to increase safety.


For Cities & Towns

"Resilient Towns & Cities: A Checklist for Local Government Systems"

A typical city manages 50-300 business applications for 35+ lines of business. Free this data (and map it!) to add hours back in your day.


For Real Property

"How Indoor Map Data Curation Keeps your Customers and Tenants Happy"

Wayfinding is going mobile. Unleash your facility data into mobile maps to help your shoppers and tenants find their way.