Stop Coding and Start Solving Problems

Read the Digital Sky

Each flight platform, whether drone or aircraft, streams a constant data feed on flight and intent. Aviation authorities have standardized static and dynamic aeronautical information. ARINC 424, AIXM, and FIXM formats support air navigation infrastructure, flight plans, alerts, and more. Read and write this complex web of 4D information.

Simplify your Work

Transform complex aviation data feeds into geographic objects which can be visualized on a map. Combine multi-source data feeds into a dashboard to provide new insights. Or integrate your aviation data into new platforms for drone flight compliance, instrument procedure design, or crew scheduling.
No coding required.

Watch Creativity Grow

When your staff focuses less on the movement and organization of the data they need to work, they have more time. Time to unleash their human creativity and talents to solve problems and create new services for the aviation community.

We understand how overwhelmed you feel with the complexity of aviation data.

  • automate_icon10s    Decades of GIS & integration experience in aviation
  • automate_icon12s    Dozens of clients have had their aviation data liberated
  • automate_icon1000s ARINC 424 files successfully processed
  • automate_iconRepurposed ARINC 424, AIXM/FIXM for drone operations
  • automate_iconAdvised leading ANSPs and systems integrators
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How We Work

Design your Solution

We collaborate with you to design a data feed reading and/or writing ARINC 424, AIXM, or FIXM.

Connect your Systems

We configure our Aviation Data Engine to connect your systems and transform your aviation data into geo-objects.

Empower your Staff

We equip your staff with a data feed or package in their preferred format or streaming data feed.