Your Salesforce workflows are missing vital location data

Location data in Salesforce is displayed in list format. Your staff spends a lot of time searching for records; identifying and assigning the nearest sales or service rep to a customer location is challenging. 

Your staff enters customer addresses as freeform text, resulting in duplicate or inconsistent records.

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Save time by embedding maps into your Salesforce workflows

Maps help you visualise the physical relationships between your locations, customers, assets, and field services. Simplify the user experience and save time by reducing multi-step workflows into one map visualisation with one action.

Integrate Salesforce and Esri (or other map service) to:

  • Display salesforce data
  • Manage multiple map profiles
  • Configure map services
  • Develop with ThinkMaps API
  • Add location context in Process Builder
  • Embed map in any Salesforce object
  • Add geographic coordinates to Salesforce objects
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What is it used for?

Map location

Map-based workflows

Drop ThinkMaps into Salesforce Process Builder to create location-aware workflows

Map search

Visualise Salesforce objects

Add Salesforce data into the map viewer to provide location-context and visualise data subsets.

Business data

Administrator configuration

Your Salesforce Administrator configures Esri map service profiles in the Admin Panel, including map styles, pop-ups, and selectable map content.

How much does it cost?


Annual licence (per Salesforce organisation)

$6,000 USD

Extend Assets

Additional Resources

Map data

Salesforce + Esri = ThinkMaps

So much of our work in sales, marketing, and field services requires location context. Where is my customer? How do I attach a service request to a physical asset? You’ve made investments in Esri and Salesforce – how can you harmonise workflows across the two systems?