Digitise your work process to optimise work performance and extend the life of your assets

Automate data flows between your systems to:

» Leverage sensors to detect anomalies

» Generate work orders for maintenance

» Allocate work to field services

» Report work status to customers

» Compute costs against assets for completed work


Extend Assets

Without data, it's impossible to improve team productivity.

Your staff is still using paper to manage some or all of your facilities, equipment, and infrastructure maintenance. This means you’re not capturing data around optimal time to perform work, best practices for work completion, evaluation of repair vs replace, and distribution of work across your work crews. 

make data visible

Enable field services to instantly view inventory on-hand

Simplify inventory management with real-time updates to inventory levels. Improve accuracy of cost reporting by reducing the number of data-entry steps.

Equipment Status

Reduce key equipment failures

Drive preventative maintenance work using sensor measurements to detect anomalies and threshold operating conditions in your equipment.

Customers Loop

Keep customers in the loop

Report status of work in progress to customers who submit maintenance requests. Save time by opening a communication channel between your customer and maintenance technician.

Save time on time entry

If you record time-and-attendance in one application while reporting labour effort in another, your staff is entering the same information twice.

Simplify your data entry by capturing productive and non-productive time in the same system. Use automation to support time and attendance requirements for payroll.

paperwork v3

How does an automated solution work?


Sensor/SCADA Telemetry

Generates work orders from operating thresholds in your key equipment. Orchestrates resources based on equipment location.

Time Entry-2

Time Entry

For systems that keep track of labour hours, synchronise entered hours against job codes and enter into ERP for payroll processing.

work order cost

Work Order Cost

Posts costs of materials and inventory used in maintenance work against each asset in your ERP.

Master Data-1

Master Data

Pull key lists of employees, suppliers, equipment and labour rates, and general ledger codes from your ERP system.

Usage & Condition

Usage & Condition

Allocate energy usage and condition assessments against each asset.

Fuel AVL

Vehicle Fuel/Telemetry

Log fuel use and vehicle telemetry information to drive work against fleet assets.

work order cost

Service Request

Enable customers to report maintenance issues through a portal and receive updates on work-in-progress.


How to integrate your systems


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