Data is from Mars, Apps are from Venus

Ever wonder why software feature demonstrations work so well? It's all in the data. Whether you are trying to integrate real-time data, create awesome map visualizations, or pull those pesky CAD drawings into your GIS, we can help.


Your CRM Speaks

Struggling with getting your systems to speak one language to support an enterprise or mobile workflow? You are looking for API integration and a common model for machine communication across your enterprise. Ask us how.


Is Your Aviation Data Stuck in the '70s?

Look no further than our ARINC 424 Connector for FME. We've done the hard work to pull apart this obscure text-based format to create geographic data to feed your charting or AIS/AIM system. Or write to ARINC 424, AIXM, FIXM, and other aviation formats.


“Spatial DNA’s geospatial expertise and forward-thinking design pushes the boundaries of data analysis, enterprise system integration, and business intelligence. We’re proud to work with them as part of our global network of FME partners”

— Don Murray, President, Safe Software

“When we got into the development process we knew what was possible, but not how to get there ... This is where Spatial DNA was tremendous in helping us build what I think is really the poster child of this type of implementation.”

— Meetha Ghandi, Communication Services, Town of Richmond Hill

“We choose to work with Spatial DNA as a preferred partner and close collaborator because their corporate values and approach to business align closely to Deloitte values of integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, and commitment. The combination of their expertise in GIS and enterprise integration adds tremendous value to the solutions Deloitte is able to offer our customers. We trust them to bring valuable knowledge, sensitivity to end-user needs, and integration skills to the table and they deliver, every time.”

— Michael Partridge, Director, Digital Customer, Deloitte Canada